NFR Mazdoor Union denounces anti railway labour policies

Our Correspondent

Silchar, May 7: Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) has proposed to withdraw all long distance trains. It has been proposed that the origin of these trains will be from Lumding Railway Station which is more than 200 km away from here. NF Railway Mazdoor Union, affiliated to All India Railwaymen’s Federation and Hind Mazdoor Sabha and recognized by NF Railway administration, has denounced all such anti railway labour stands and policies which have been taken by the government or authorities concerned. 
Addressing the mediapersons at a press-meet held on Saturday in the office of the Union, Sajal Chakraborty of NF Railway Mazdoor Union said, “The proposal to cancel these trains will never be accepted by the people. NFR has proposed that this will be implemented before March 31, 2020. We have heard that it has been said that keeping trains here is not commercially viable. Railways provide employment and create employment opportunities for all. It brings prosperity and affluence. On an average, 40 lakh passengers from Barak Valley, Tripura, Manipur, undertake train journey.”
 “We were shell-shocked after hearing this news. The decision to shift all long distance trains from Barak Valley to Lumding has been taken based on the ground that the number of sold out tickets is very less in number and is not in accordance with the expectations of the railway authorities. After the introduction of passenger trains, there has been a phenomenal increase in the sale of tickets. It takes 2 or even 3 months for people to get reservation,” Sajal Chakraborty added.
 Sajal Chakraborty said, “Railway authorities have maintained that passengers undertaking long distance journey halts at Lumding. It implies that they run in between Lumding and Silchar. When a passenger availing long distance train breaks his journey at Lumding, the remaining accommodation beyond Lumding never gets booked. Further booking is not done. Railway authorities have put forth some really illogical and drool worthy explanations in favour of the proposal. It has been stated by the railway authorities that people undertaking long journeys refer to take rest at Lumding. It is a childish and immature explanation,” said Sajal Chakraborty.