NGO takes laudable step to provide healthcare to needy

A Correspondent
Gohpur, April 22: NGO Morning Club of Bedeti successfully initiated Aarogyam, a health care scheme for the needy, in September, 2017 with the money that had been donated to the organization by Mehzabin Ershad after organizing Autumn Notes, a fashion show for the treatment of cancer patients.
“We are happy that till date we have six beneficiaries under the scheme. Some are undergoing treatment and some are now hale and hearty,” said Samiran Sarma Baruah and Deepak Sahu, the president and secretary of the NGO.
The NGO added three more beneficiaries to the scheme on Saturday. On Saturday, well-known fashion designer Mehzabin Ershad took part in an interaction with the patients and the Morning Club fraternity.