Nikki Haley disapproves of Trump’s ‘communication style’

 United Nations, May 7: The US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has said that President Donald Trump’s “communication style” has made her uncomfortable and has proven to have complicated relationships in the diplomatic sphere. “He has his communication style, but you are not hearing me defend that,” Haley was quoted as saying in a CBS interview. Haley illustrated her disagreement with Trump citing a tweet of February when he accused Latin American countries of turning a blind eye on drug trafficking, Xinhua news agency reported. “They’re laughing at us, so I’m not a believer in that, I want to stop the aid,” Trump said in the tweet, referring to the US aid to the region. Haley later embarked on a trip to Honduras to reconcile and reassure local authorities on US foreign policy. (IANS)