No-confidence against Dhemaji Town Committee vice-chairperson

From a Correspondent

DHEMAJI, Feb 2: Five ward members of Dhemaji Town Committee moved a no-confidence motion against the vice-chairperson Barli Dihingia for alleged gross violation of the town committee rules and her autocratic style of functioning.

The activities of the BJP-run Dhemaji Town Committee have aggrieved the people of Dhemaji town.  The Town Committee allegedly never paid attention to the development of draige system or disposal of the garbage already piled here and there in the town. There are no definite guidelines for collection of taxes and it was also alleged that Dihingia issued business licenses without following any rules which created a lot of irregularities in revenue collection. It was alleged that the vice-chairperson was spending 40 litres of diesel oil every month.

There are 10 wards and five ward members were displeased by her activities and raised a no-confidence motion against her. The members submitted the memorandum of no-confidence against Barli Dihingia to the chairperson of the Dhemaji Town Committee, Executive Officer, Director of Assam Municipality, Town Development commissioner secretary, MP of Lakhimpur Lok Sabha constituency and Deputy Commissioner of Dhemaji.

Hema Bordoloi, chairperson of the town committee, has called a meeting on February 10 to discuss the matter threadbare. Sources added that fincial irregularities to the tune of Rs 10 lakh were revealed where the vice-chairperson, one office assistant and one ward commissioner were allegedly involved.

The Town Committee is not giving importance to the improvement of the draige system, disposal of piled garbage and other civic problems. Infighting and misunderstanding among the members of the Dhemaji Town Committee have created discontentment among the people of the town.