No parole for mafia don Abu Salem to get married

 Mumbai, April 21: The Maharashtra government on Saturday rejected an application by incarcertated mafia don Abu Salem seeking 45 days parole for getting married, official sources said here. Among the grounds cited by the authorities are that parole is not permitted for those accused or convicted of terror charges under the revised parole rules of the Maharashtra government in 2016, an official, who declined to be identified, told IANS.

Abu Salem, who is currently undergoing life imprisonment in Taloja Central Jail, Navi Mumbai, had applied in March to the Konkan Divisional Commissioner for parole for his second marriage with Sayed Bahar Kauser alias Heena. The marriage was scheduled for May 5 in Mumbai and he had also provided the names and details of two of his cousins who were willing to stand guarantee for him. He planned to stay temporarily at the Mumbai home of his prospective wife Heena during the parole duration. In his application, Abu Salem cited how he was in jail continuously since the past more than 12 years without stepping out on parole/furlough even once. (IANS)