No-trust motion moved against town committee vice-chairman

TINSUKIA, Feb 10: The no confidence motion moved against Borli Dihingia, vice chairman of Dhemaji Town Committee (DTC) was accepted by the Executive Officer in a meeting of DTC. No confidence motion against Dihingia was raised on February 1 by 5 ward members of the DTC for the alleged gross irregularities done by her in the me of the development of the wards. There are 10 wards of DTC but the condition of all the wards is precarious. Huge amount of fund has allegedly been misappropriated in the me of development of the drains, roads, cleaning the garbage etc. Locals alleged that due to unscientific construction of drains residents face water logging problem.   Locals further alleged that there is no any scientific master plan to utilize the fund.  The Chairman of the Town Committee said that DTC has been badly suffering from fincial problems. They do not have  sufficient fund for paying wages to the sweepers, who were engaged to clean the piled garbage or to clean the drains. People urged the Deputy Commissioner to look into the issue and take necessary steps for the development of the drains in particular and roads in general.