NOC only if terms met: HPF

LPG bottling plant

A Reporter

SHILLONG, May 7:  The Hynniewtrep People Federation (HPF) of Ri-Bhoi District on Monday said the claim made by RL Blah in some newspapers that the dorbar of Pyllun village has agreed to issue no objection certificate (NOC) for setting up of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) bottling plant by the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) in Pyllun village is untrue and misleading.

“We’ve met the headman of Pyllun village M Warbah in this matter who told us that the Pyllun village will give NOC to the IOC for the bottling plant only if the IOC agrees to the terms and conditions laid down by the village,” the HPF told reporters at a conference on Monday.

Distributor RL Blah earlier said that the village dorbar of Pynlun had assured of issuing NOC if it is satisfied with the conditions and also expressed optimism that the NOC is likely to be issued within a day or two.

The HPF also said they have conducted a survey of the land in the area meant for setting up the bottling plant and found out that it is not 50 acres but less than 10 acres.

Stating that they are not against the project, the HPF further said the area for the bottling plant is also near the Central Agriculture University (CAU) and they (the HPF) urged the Pyllun village to inquire about all the guidelines and safety measures before giving NOC for the same.

Meanwhile, the HPF has also laid a condition that locals from the area should be given first preferences and job opportunities in the bottling plant, and added that they would not allow outsiders to take away all the job opportunities.