North East Bikers Festival in Shillong

SHILLONG, May 12: A first of its kind three day North East Bikers Festival will be held at Polo Ground, Shillong starting from May 18 and will conclude on May 20.
The festival is being organized by the North East Auto Show in association with the North Eastern Riders Domain (NERD).

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, the co-founder of NERD said, “The objective of the festival is to promote super bikes and to also create awareness amongst the riders to ride safe.”
He said the purpose is to create awareness amongst the riders as there has been countless number of accidents concerning bikers.

“We want to make sure that bike enthusiast should ride safe and if they want to race or perform stunts they should do it in a racing tract and not in open roads or national highways,” he said.
He informed that many bike companies which includes Harley Davidson, BMW, Kawasaki beside other super bike companies.

During the three day festival there will also be rock shows, DJ night beside other entertainment activities.

“Shillong is a riders heaven because some of the roads here is unmatched when compared with the rest of the county, however there is very less publicity hence with this even more riders from other parts of the county will descend to this state and this in turn will also generate an inflow of tourists,” he said.

According to him, the bike company when they see the footfall of people attending the festival might even open up their own showroom in the city.