North Korea is working on new missiles: United States Spy Agencies

North Korea missile
Representative Image

July 31: In a report published recently, North Korea appeared to be building a new missile recognised as one or two-liquid fueled intercontinental ballistic missile at there research centre located at the outskirt area of Sanumdong of Pyongyang.

Experts says, “Liquid-fueled rockets are harder to store and move than solid-fuel rockets because the fuel is more volatile”. The volatility of liquid fuel can cause missiles to fail in launch and the fuel has to be stored separate from the missiles, causing a decrease in military readiness. Liquid fueling can also take a fairly long time to complete, giving US spy satellites a period of time to see launch preparations underway. Solid-fueled missiles can be very quickly launched giving the US very limited warning”

Following this, US President Donald Trump Said, “North Korea has begun the process of dismantling a key missile site, and we appreciate that”. The intelligence community has publicly stated that it has seen signs of continued activity, including at fuel plants.

The Pyongyang Korean Factory has produced two Hwasong-15 ICBMs which is North Korea’s longest-range missiles.