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NRC: President’s Intervention Sought In ‘Intentional Harassment’



TANGLA: Around 10 organizations submitted memoranda to the President of India, Chief Justice of India, Prime Minister, Governor and Chief Minister on Wednesday seeking their immediate intervention in the ongoing “intentional harassment”, mostly of innocent people who belong either to religious or linguistic minority ethnic groups of the State in general and the minority groups of Udalguri district in particular.

The memoranda submitted through the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Udalguri district, alleged that some groups with vested interest had filed mass objections and complaints against genuine Indian citizens having all ancestral records and data without examining the genuineness of the victimized persons, with the sole intention to harass and hound them. Hailing the Supreme Court’s initiatives to update the NRC, the memoranda stated that it was a welcome step for the bright future of Assam. “But at the same time, it is seen that some vested interests are trying to derail the entire updation process of NRC by making false complaints against the genuine Indian citizens without giving their address. We have come to know that these vested interests have been trying to make complaints without verifying the persons against whom they are lodging complaints,” the memoranda stated.

The memoranda further stated that if the complainants, in the hours of NRC hearing, “failed to prove the grounds of complaints, necessary legal actions be taken against them and dismiss the complaints instantly in a written form”. The memoranda also stated that the government should bear the travelling expenditure of people who were required to visit far-off places to attend the hearing with family members. The memoranda also appealed to make the presence of the complainants or objectors mandatory on the date of hearing with enough proofs supporting the ground behind objection.The organizations also appealed to free the persons detained in various detention camps who have enough proofs but failed to attend the foreigner tribunal court’s hearings due to various inconveniences and were held as foreigners on ex-parte judgements.

The Udalguri district committees of the 10 organizations held a press meet on Wednesday to this effect at Udalguri Press Club in Udalguri town.


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