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NRC Update: Confusion over data entry in Silchar


Our Correspondent

Silchar, July 30: 2,28,862, 1,12,109 and 50,000 applicants of Cachar, Karimganj and Hailakandi districts respectively have been left out from the final National Register of Citizens (NRC) draft list which has been published on Monday. About 40 lakh applicants in Assam have not figured in the final draft list. The mammoth exercise of update process of NRC has been done for the first time since 1951. Around 40 lakh applicants of the State of Assam have been left out from the list. But, it has been assured that ample time would be given to them for claims and objections. The process of receiving NRC application forms began in the end of May 2015 and ended on August 31, 2015.

Abdul Motin Laskar of Madhurbond village was shocked to find that the names of the eighth and ninth applicants out of 10 applicants of his family have been left out from the draft list. Yasin Ali of the same village was also shocked to see that names of his young children have not figured in the list, while his name along with his wife’s have figured. Such cases are really shocking. However, no untoward incidents have been reported till filing of the report. Dilip Kumar Paul who took a round of the various NSKs said, “I am happy that the people of Barak Valley have been peaceful. Those left out need not worry. They will get ample time for inclusion of their names.”
A large number of applicants have found that their names or other details have not been entered correctly. Reacting to this, MLA Dilip Kumar Paul said, “Our LRCRs have been very efficient. Officials and authorities concerned in Dispur should have looked into it. I presume they have been negligent. However, it is a mammoth task and so time will be given to them for claims, objections and corrections.” People are hoping that the mistakes would be corrected without any hassle. The civil and police administration took special measures to ensure security. The NSKs wore a deserted look as people took the help of their cell phones and internet to check their names.