Obama ranked 12th best US president by historians

Washington, Feb 21: Just weeks after leaving the White House, former President Barack Obama ranks as the 12th best US President overall in a new poll of historians conducted by C-SPAN.

It’s the first time Obama was eligible for the Presidential Historians Survey, which asked 91 historians to rank all 43 former presidents across 10 categories, USA Today reported on Monday. The polll was conducted conducted by C-SPAN ahead of President’s Day.

Those include “Pursued Equal Justice for All,” in which Obama ranked 3rd, to “Relations with Congress,” in which he ranked 39th.

Abraham Lincoln retained his top spot for the third time in the poll, which debuted in 2000 and last took place in 2009. Other consistently high-ranking presidents include George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt, all of whom made the top five overall in each survey. Also notable — George W. Bush bumped up three spots to 33rd since the poll’s 2009 edition, while Bill Clinton stayed steady at 15th. The biggest loser since the 2009 survey is Andrew Jackson, the populist president whose portrait adorns the wall of President Dold Trump’s Oval Office. Jackson dropped five spots, from 13th to 18th. James Buchan, Andrew Johnson and Franklin Pierce have taken the bottom three spots in each edition of the poll, C-SPAN noted, beneath even William Henry Harrison, who held office for only one month.  (IANS)