Arati Baideo

As I sit to write a few lines on Arati Baideo, I am wondering where to begin….for she was my Jethai in the early sixties and then when I got married to her first cousin, Jogi, we became sisters-in-law and good friends. Hence it’s difficult to write just a few lines about a person who exudes so much warmth and charisma, which only a few possess. Arati Baideo, a woman of immense strength weathered the storms in her life with such grace and elan that only a few can do. In her own silent ways, she showered so much affection on us.
A multi talented person…..a singer, a writer, a culinary expert and most of all a wonderful person. There is (difficult to refer to her as was) so much to learn from her. I am immensely saddened by my friend’s departure and regret not having spent more time with this versatile person. Her mellifluous voice saying ‘Hieee’, over the phone will keep echoing in my ears. Arati Baideo you will be dearly missed. But I am sure you are in a better place and at eternal peace.
Loni Chaliha