Oldest market in State in shambles


SHILLONG, May 7: Lewduh, the biggest and the oldest market in the State, is now in shambles due to the negligence of the authorities concerned.

Even as the traditiol Myntri(Minister)in charge of the market of Hima Mylliem (Mylliem Chiefdom) K Langstieh said that the Rs 75 lakh of annual revenue is not sufficient to meet the cost of maintence of the market but he could not describe on the efforts made to streamline the market considered as a sacred place of transaction for the Khasis. The market has no proper draige system, lightings, toilets, etc.

Speaking to The Sentinel, Greater Lewduh Welfare Organization (GIWO) President V Marwein said, “We as an organization have from time to time tried to raise this issue with the authority concerned but so far nothing has been addressed,” adding that “It’s the fault of our own people who rent out their shops to non- tribals while they themselves sit on the side of the market.”

On the pathetic condition of the market,Marwein said, “The Syiem of Hima Mylliem has done a lot by hiring garbage trucks, sweepers to clean the market but our very own shopkeepers are dirtying the market,” adding, “Cleanliness starts from each and every one of us that is why we as shopkeepers should have that civic sense to contribute for the betterment of the market.”

Expressing concern over the water shortage in the Market,Marwein said, “Even the existing water taps in both the fish and meat markets have been removed in order to make room for more shops,” adding,“From time to time we have visited the Syiem of Hima Mylliem and he has assured us that he will look into the matter but so far nothing has been done.”

On the issue of congestion in the market,Latiplang Kharkongor,the Executive Member in charge Trade KHADC,said, “We have received many complaints regarding congestion in the market and that people are finding it difficult to shop as many vendors are occupying even footpaths,” adding,“The KHADC will soon take up steps to ease the congestion in the market.”

Meanwhile, Myntri in charge of the market of Hima Mylliem K Langstieh said, “The Hima is doing everything it can to improve the condition of the market,” adding,“We have already sent our engineers on April 25 to do survey of the market and when we get the report,we will start working on building proper draige system especially in the fish and meat markets.”

Without disclosing the date, Langstieh informed, “By the end of the month,the Hima will conduct a cleaning drive in the market.”

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