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One arrested for spreading fake news

A Correspondent
Dibrugarh, June 12: Dibrugarh Police nabbed one person in connection with spreading fake news about AASU calling an Assam bandh on Monday. Subhankar Chakrabarty, a resident of Shantipara, was interrogated by the police after he was accused of circulating misleading information on social media. The bogus piece of information, which was in circulation for the past 2-3 days, came to the notice of the AASU officials, who were naturally left offended and fumed by the deliberate mischief.

Accordingly, general secretary of AASU, Lurinjyoti Gogoi had cleared the air on Sunday regarding the counterfeit news. He had also demanded for the arrest of the culprit who misled the people in the name of AASU. The arrest of Chakrabarty came after that, when the police caught hold of him after investigating the matter.