Operation against illegal arms

A Correspondent
JOYSAGAR, April 18: Sivasagar Police special operation team led by DSP (HQ) has been conducting a combing search operation from Tuesday to recover illegal arms used frequently by some criminal groups of Sivasagar. Allegations have been made that criminals and robbers of Sivasagar were able to acquire light pistols, revolvers and other sharp weapons from secret sources and these criminals used these arms during many robbery incidents which took place in Sivasagar town earlier. Meanwhile, Sivasagar Police were able to arrest a gang of robbers few days ago and police suspect that these robbers had kept arms hidden somewhere in the town. In Sivasagar there are about 450 licensed arms and it is alleged that about 200 light arms have also been kept secretly in Sivasagar by some criminal groups which use these arms while committing crimes. The Sivasagar Police special operation team, following strict instructions from the Sivasagar Superintendent of Police, has therefore, launched an operation to recover all the illegal arms.