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Opposition wants to stall BJP in Rajya Sabha: PM

Aligarh, Feb 5: Prime Minister rendra Modi on Sunday accused the opposition of trying to prevent the BJP from having a majority in the Rajya Sabha to stall strong anti-corruption laws. Taking a dig at the Congress-Samajwadi Party alliance without ming it, he said: “These people have not come together to fight election. They have come together because they feel if we (BJP) get a majority in the Rajya Sabha, we will make such laws that there will be no space left for thieves and the corrupt.” The Bharatiya Jata Party has a majority in the Lok Sabha but not in the Rajya Sabha. Addressing an election rally ahead of Uttar Pradesh elections starting on February 11, Modi said Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav was scared of the BJP.  “To save himself, he is holding on to other people,” Modi said, obviously referring to the Samajwadi-Congress tie-up. (IANS)