Order on panchayat polls under consideration

A Correspondent

ITANAGAR, July 21: Referring to the Guwahati High Court order to conduct the state panchayat election before the end of December, Minister of PR Alo Libang said that, if possible, the polls would be conducted before December.
However, he added that due to the topography and various challenges, the election could not be done before. We are working on the challenges and when solution comes it will be conducted in all the villages of the state. People are demanding Zilla Parishad so department reaches every village. The power and function of ZPM and GPM will also be formulated. Libang said that such important decisions could not be taken in one go. Meanwhile taking about the merge of RD and DRDA, he said, if it is done it will strengthen both the department. As all the work and norms of both the department are same it will make easy for all the people and workers, Libang said.

He also quoted that, the centre is supporting to the decision of merging both the department in one platform. DRDA has less fund sources lacking behind the other but the scope and work of them are same, Libang added.