Organizations conduct checking at Police Bazaar

A Reporter
SHILLONG, Apr 30: A conglomeration of three organizations conducted checking in Police Bazaar area on Monday, with an objective to flush out non-tribal drivers (taxi and tourist) who are conducting their business without obtaining proper labour licence. The three organizations included the Khun Kynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM), State Youth Wing (SYW) of Hynniewtrep Tourist Taxi Association (HTTA) and East Khasi Hills Taxi Association (EKHTA). Recently the SYW of KHNAM along with HTTA and EKHTA on April 16 this month had issued a two-week deadline to the KHADC CEM PN Syiem to conduct surprise checking of non- tribal drivers, who are conducting their business without procuring proper labour licence from the council.
Since the KHADC failed to pay heed to their demands, the three organizations had instead requested the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) to provide enforcement personnel on April 30, to conduct checking to flush out non-tribal drivers who are running their business without procuring proper labour licence.
During the checking on Monday, the organizations found that there were a number of non-tribal drivers running their business without obtaining proper labour and work licence form the council, and some of them were driving passenger vehicle without having any driver licence.
Speaking to reporters after the conducting the checking, KHNAM STY president Thomas Passah said, “We have requested the EM in-charge Labour of KHADC to provide enforcement personnel on Monday. However, no enforcement personnel turned up and this may be because the council or the EM is not bothered with this issue.” He said that they would continue to conduct similar checking in the coming months and would then compile the names and plate number of the vehicle of those non-tribal drivers without proper labour licence and work permit and submit it to the CEM of KHADC PN Syiem, so that he can understand the amount of revenue which is being leaked from the council as these unscrupulous drivers have not registered with the KHADC.
“We might even file a case against these non-tribal drivers who have been conducting their business without proper licence as this is against the rules and regulations of the council laws,” he said.
He added, “Some of the non-tribal drivers do not even know that they need a work permit or labour licence to carry out their business and hence this signifies the lack of awareness on the issue,” he said.