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Organizations for justice for rape victims

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Silchar, April 17: The recent inhuman and ghastly incidents of rape, brutal sexual assault and subsequent killing of the victims have put humanity to shame. The barbaric acts, bestiality and brutal assaults on girls have rocked the nation. Braving the inclement weather, members of a number of organizations hit the streets of Silchar on Tuesday and protested against the brutal sexual assault and killing of an eight year old in Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir and sexual assault of another young girl in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh. They marched down the streets of this town and raised their demand for exemplary punishment to the criminals involved in the rape cases.
Members of the district committees of AIDSO, AIDYO, AIMSS and Komsomol staged a protest demonstration in front of the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar. Later, they submitted a memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister and the Deputy Commissioner. The memorandum signed by Gour Chandra Das of AIDSO, Bijit Kumar Sinha of AIDYO and Dulali Ganguly of AIMSS, demands for rewarding the most suitable and harsh punishment to the culprits. It has been stated in the memorandum that it is very unfortunate that in UP people rely on a political power that gives elected representatives the freedom to rape and murder and even extort as a way of asserting their own political power.
In Kathua, for the first time after independence, two BJP ministers openly came out and led the protest demonstration in favour of the rapist. Some communal elements still continue to threaten the family of the victim and the people who are fighting for justice for the rape victim. In Unnao, as mentioned in the memorandum, instead of helping the rape victim and her family, the State government stood in favour of BJP MLA who was involved in the rape case. These two incidents are not just ordinary crime where with the passage of time, the wounds inflicted on the social fabric and moral fibre of the country will heal and cease to exist.
It has been urged upon the Prime Minister to help create an atmosphere where the victim’s family can legally fight for justice without any fear. Some of the other demands include speedy prosecution of perpetrators in all the cases of crimes against women and children, amending of Sexual Harassment Redressal Act’ as per recommendations of Justice Verma Commission and taking stern steps against those leaders who are involved in organizing demonstration in favour of rapists.

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