Outsiders should respect regiol order in South Chi Sea: Beijing

Beijing, May 24: Outsiders should respect the rules and order set by countries in the South Chi Sea region in line with intertiol law, a Chinese spokesperson said on Tuesday. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying made the remarks in response to US President Barack Obama’s comment about maritime disputes in the South Chi Sea, Xinhua news agency reported. Speaking of the freedom of vigation frequently mentioned by the US, Hua said the US needs to clarify whether it means legitimate freedom of vigation enjoyed by all countries in the South Chi Sea in line with intertiol law, or the freedom to go anywhere exclusively enjoyed by the US military planes and vessels. “If the US means the former, Chi certainly supports such freedom, but if it means the latter, I believe the whole intertiol community will disagree,” Hua said. Hua said Chi and members of the Association of Southeast Asian tions (Asean) have reached a series of bilateral agreements and a regiol consensus on addressing disputes through negotiations and consultations and jointly maintaining peace and stability in the South Chi Sea region. “They have formed important bases of rules and order in the region,” said Hua. She said outsiders should respect the efforts of countries in this region to maintain regiol peace and stability. “Outsider countries should not threaten sovereignty and security of countries in the South Chi Sea region, undermine regiol rules and order, and disrupt regiol peace and stability in any form and under any excuses,” said Hua. (IANS)

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