Over 2,598 People in 28 Villages Affected by the Overflow of Doyang and Dhansiri River in Golaghat,Assam

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Golaghat, July 30: The hydro-electrical project of NEEPCO released its excess water through four radial gates of the project on Saturday, due to which water level of Doyang river as well as Dhansiri River crossed the danger mark. As a result, most of the villages in the Sarupathar, Merapani, Morangi, Golaghat and Khumtai revenue circles of Golaghat district have been submerged by flood water and people and animals are taking shelter on the roadside and in the relief camps. Over 2,598 people of 28 villages of Golaghat district have been affected by flood due to rising water of Dhansiri river. The flood victims are taking shelter in various relief camps. Total three shelters have been opened for flood victims by the district administration where 90 people of Sarupathar revenue circle, 173 of Morangi revenue circle and 107 people of Khumtai revenue circle are taking shelter.