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Oxford expert says, Russia might target polls in India & Brazil


New Delhi: As per an Oxford University social media expert, Russia is likely to meddle with countries like India and Brazil during the elections by taking some control over the media.

Philip N. Howard, a statutory Professor of Internet Studies at the Oxford Internet Institute and Balliol College, University of Oxford, during a hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee on “Foreign Influence on Social Media Platforms” said about the matter and wished to elaborate over the matter during the coming seminars.

As per Howard, the trending situation could be more hazardous in countries where the media is not as professional as that of the US.

“I would say that the greater concern would be among the media institutions in our democratic allies. I believe that the Russians have moved from targeting us, in particular, to Brazil and India; other enormous democracies that will be running elections in the next few years,” Howard said.

The influential Senate committee heard on the focusing allegations that Russia might have an opportunity to meddle with the social media ecosystem and be of viable influence to the social media.