P& RD contractual employees in department seek regularization

From our Correspondent

TINSUKIA, Feb 26:It is an irony that even after serving for two decades on contractual basis, the services of some employees in Panchayat and Rural Development Department, Tinsukia have not been regularized. These employees are now moving from pillar to post to get their services regularized. Deprived long by the false assurances made during the Congress regime, they have now approached the BJP-led Sonowal government in the State for relief.

Bolin Moran, a contractual employee in RangajanGaonPanchayat under Kakopathar Developmental Block, has been serving as fourth grade staff since 1992. His service was not regularized despite assurances by the then Congress minister RokibulHussain, even as some of his colleagues not only got their services regularized by ways best known to them, but are now enjoying pension benefits. In an appeal to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, Bolin Moran urged them to take initiatives for regularization of his service.