Pakistan Elections: Women in Parts of Pakistan Vote for First Time


Lahore, July 25: Millions of voters queued up to vote in Pakistan’s 11th general elections, with some history-making events also taking place in the conservative areas where women are usually not allowed to take part in an activity outside their homes. Women in a village located in Khuhab, a city in Punjab, made history by casting their votes for the first time ever since the country came into being. They reached the polling stations soon after the polling time started and used their right, Daily Pakistan reported. Females in the tribal district of Mohmand proceeded on foot to the polling stations. Likewise, women in Dir were also allowed to cast their ballot. Dir was once a Taliban stronghold where women had few rights and were not allowed to vote. In Lower Dir, there was a heavy turnout of women voters and it was the same scene in Mithi and Badin areas of Sindh. (IANS)