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Pakistani media mocks IAF wing commander Abhinandan in its racist ad for World Cup cricket

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A new ad on World Cup cricket made by Pakistan has turned the heads in shock as the neighbouring country has taken up the much sensitive matter of Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman in the ad. the very choice of taking to mock India’s hero is termed as distasteful as it shows them crossing the limits in the name of sports. Notably, India and Pakistan are to face each other in the World Cup cricket on June 16 and that has encouraged Pakistan to build up hype anyhow.

The person showed in the add is impersonating Abhinandan who is shown to be asked questions connected with India’s playing XI and the strategy. As it was seen in the video of the IAF wing commander in a video released by Pakistani military, the look-alike with the trademark moustache in the ad too poses in a similar manner with the only words repeating “I’m sorry, I am not supposed to tell you this.”

The ad released is a production of Pakistan’s Jazz TV shows the look-alike wearing Blue Jersey which is the colour of Indian cricket team’s jersey. He is also shown taking sips of tea from a cup which reminds the intense questioning and severe beatings the Wing Commander while being in captivity.

The Wing Commander was in his earlier video had appeared to be stoic and calm, the person in the ad, on the other hand, is shown frightened and jumpy. The cup, symbolic of the World Cup, is however snatched from the look-alike when he was about to leave the scene with the cup in his hand.

The ad by Pakistan is not only about bad taste and bad humour, but it also has a lot to do with racists feelings as well. The person in the ad is present is a rather dark complexion which again is not admissible.

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