Pamagate: ‘No record of Sharifs’ past business dealings’

Islamabad, Feb 15: The Pakistan Supreme Court on Wednesday resumed the Pamagate case hearing, involving Prime Minister waz Sharif and his children, after a span of two weeks. The hearing was adjourned due to uvailability of Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed on health grounds. The case is about alleged illegal money laundering by Sharif in 1990s, when he twice served as Prime Minister, to purchase assets in London. The assets surfaced when Pama papers showed that they were maged through offshore companies owned by Sharif’s children. Salman Akram Raja, counsel of Sharif’s children, resumed his arguments and said that the record of the Sharif family’s 40 to 45 years old business dealings could not be produced as “it was lost during the 1999 martial law”, the Dawn reported. “I will only argue this case based on the evidence present,” said Raja, who represented Hassan and Hussain waz. Counsel said that the available record has been provided in the court. He also said that it has been proved that London flats were not owned by the Prime Minister neither by the Sharif family in year 1999.