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Pamela Anderson pens letter to Obama

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  5 Jan 2017 12:00 AM GMT

Los Angeles, Jan 4: Actress Pamela Anderson has penned a letter to US President Barack Obama, urging him to consider “pardoning” Julian Assange after his website WikiLeaks leaked hacked Democratic emails in the run up to the US Presidential election last year. The 49-year-old penned a letter to the politician, who will step down as the American leader later this week, pleading him to stop the investigation into the hacking scandal that revealed Russia had allegedly tampered with the results of the election by tapping into email accounts and sharing them with the website, reports

The actress posted the letter on her website. “I must request with urgency, humility, and as a lover of all beings - as I advocate for many important issues around the world - I see human rights are being violated in demeaning political ways that are not helpful to anyone... I’m asking you to remember the beginning of your political career,” she posted.

“When you had a dream, an idea, a cause worth the fight. When you had obstacles and fairness was not always in your favor. I request that you consider Pardoning Julian Assange in your last days in office. It would be a bold and exciting move for the time we live in — the information age generation. Please stop the grand jury investigation, and the bullying that is turning the world off America.

“We must stop making Julian (or Russia) the scapegoat - children are smarter than this, and it is very divisive and tearing generations apart. It simply must end - and is doable by the stroke of your pen,” she added.

The former “Baywatch” actress went on to state that she accepts if President Obama made the decision to call off the investigation, it would cause uproar but thinks it’s vital for the world going forward.

“I understand Julian has been painted a bad guy - but he is not. He is a genius worth protection. the contents of the what he has published through Wikileaks are pure and uncensored. They are just the truth - the distraction tactics are see through - it creates mistrust... Julian and Wikileaks are essential - especially in this political climate. We need truth tellers more than ever,” Anderson posted, reported.

Obama called for an investigation into the hacking scandal after it was claimed the leak benefited US President-elect Dold Trump, by making his competitor Hilary Clinton and her aides look back in the emails that were shared and later published on WikiLeaks.

Anderson has been a close friend of Assange for some time now and regularly visits him with homemade vegan scks when she’s in London. (IANS)

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