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parenthood Facts: Dads Are Happier As Parents Than Moms, Finds Study



Fathers experience a lot of well-being from parenthood than mothers do, as per a study of over 18,000 people. Past studies have thought about whether or not folks with children have bigger well-being than those without children. However, few have thought about the relative happiness of fathers and mothers, as per the study revealed within the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Researchers from the University of California (UC) Riverside within the U.S.A. and colleagues analysed 3 separate studies totalling over 18,000 folks to work out whether fathers or mothers experience bigger happiness from their parenting roles. Across the 3 studies, researchers checked out measures of well-being that enclosed happiness, well-being, depressive symptoms, psychological satisfaction, and stress. “Fathers may fare better than in part due to how they spend their time with their children,” said Katherine Nelson-Coffey, who worked in UC Riverside psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky’s lab as a graduate student.

The first two studies compared the well-being of parents with that of individuals who don’t have children. Across all outcomes measured within the 1st studies, fatherhood was a lot of oftentimes connected with greater well-being than motherhood. Relative to peers without children, fathers reported greater satisfaction with their lives and feelings of connectedness to others and reported greater positive emotions and fewer daily hassles than mothers. They also reported fewer depressive symptoms than men without children; whereas mothers reported more depressive symptoms than women who don’t have children. The third study thought-about parenthood and well-being whereas engaged in child care or interacting with children, compared to different daily activities.

Gender considerably impacted the association between child care and happiness. Men were happier whereas caring for their children, whereas women were less happy. In terms of daily interactions usually, both men and women were happier interacting with their children relative to other daily interactions. However, men reported greater happiness from the interactions than women, said Nelson-Coffey, who is currently an professor at Sewanee: The University of the South within the US. One potential explanation for this finding is that, relative to mothers, fathers were more likely to indicate that they were playing with their children, while they were caring for them or interacting with them.

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