Paucity of space to display the rich collection decays the antics of Dhubri museum

Dhubri museum


A Correspondent

DHUBRI: Dhubri museum’s rich collection is decaying due to paucity of space to display them. Dhubri District Museum is a living archive of antics, history and heritage of lower Assam. Proper preservation and display of the collection have not been possible largely due to paucity of space. In its 30 years, the Dhubri District Museum had to shift from one place to another of Dhubri town to house the collection, and finally landed up in a hall room of the Dhubri District Library and Auditorium. But over the last 30 years, collection of various items in the form of a donation by generous people across Dhubri district has grown many folds and this has of late created problems on the part of the museum in maintenance, preservation and displaying the items in a scientific manner, a source close to the museum said.

With collective efforts of the district administration, scholars and well-wishers, the museum successfully collected over 1,000 objects representing the historical, religious and socio-cultural life of the people of this region.

Rich collections date back from 1555 AD to colonial India under British rule, including the British flag of the Deputy Commissioner’s bungalow. Beside these, there is a huge collection of coins here and any student having interest and studying numismatic will find this museum a perfect ambience.

Some of the rarest collections housed in the museum are an oil lamp with the image of Narayana seated on the back of Garuda, silver Koch coin, and the inscription. These objects represent a living folk art practised among the Malakars or Bhuimali communities residing in different parts of undivided Goalpara district. Further, a Methoni (breast belt) worn by the women of the Tiwa community, locally known as kachang phaskai, and an image of Kali, beautifully rendered with the dhokra technique of metal casting, have also been recovered.


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