People Lauds on Successful Completion of National Register of Citizens Exercise in Dibrugarh,Assam

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A Correspondent

Dibrugarh, July 30: The publication of the final draft of NRC on Monday did not result in any untoward incident in Dibrugarh. Although adequate security measures were in place to avert any potential state of disorder, no such cases were reported till the filing of this story. While many people were seen rejoicing over the inclusion of their names in the final draft, there were also those who were naturally left dejected upon not finding their names in the list. Among the people whose names have been excluded from the final NRC draft, many have been the victim of manual error or technical glitches, for their names were not included despite the inclusion of their parents’ or other family members’ names. Again, instances like a wife not finding her name, despite the names of her husband and children being included in the list, also came to the fore. These people, although absolutely confident about getting their names included in the list later, did not quite appreciate the fact that they have to repeat the entire application process.

Expressing the pain associated with applying anew, Supriya Dey, a teacher by profession, said, “It is quite funny that the names of my parents and sister are there, but mine isn’t. I am not panicking but just worried about going through the entire process all over again.”

Meanwhile, ULFA president Arabinda Rajkhowa has welcomed the NRC exercise on behalf of the organization. He said that the successful execution of the exercise was also a fulfilment of a long-standing demand of the organization, and at the same time, lauded the efforts of AASU and APW towards the realization of a long-time objective. The ULFA leader also termed the execution of the NRC exercise as the first step to the ongoing peace talks with the government, and also pledged the organization’s support to the NRC process in the days to come.