People seek earthquake preparedness measures after the strong tremor on the night of Wednesday

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Dibrugarh: The town of Dibrugarh, along with certain other parts of Assam, experienced a strong tremor on the night of Wednesday. Although no damage was caused by the earthquake whose epicentre was reportedly somewhere in the State of Arunachal Pradesh, the jitter did manage to jolt the town-dwellers out of the otherwise deep slumber of the wee hours.

In this backdrop, The Sentinel reached out to a couple of people to find out their stage of preparedness. Rajib Saikia, a doctor, said, “Unfortunately, the people aren’t quite prepared. I have seen most of them just wishing it away. They need to come to terms with the fact that the entire northeast region falls under Zone 4 and Zone 5 of India’s seismic zones, and so, is prone to quakes.”

Deepika Paik, a young mother as well as a teacher, echoed similar thoughts. “Preventing such natural disasters may be beyond the best of human powers and intelligence. But, mitigating the damages they unleash by taking the necessary preventive measures is definitely doable. We must remain alert and much more prepared,” she said.


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