People urged to be vigilant

LAKHIMPUR, June 13: Deputy Commissioner of Lakhimpur, Dr Jeevan B has sought everyone’s co-operation in order to combat superstition and rumours on social media. He has also called upon the people of the district to be vigilant against superstition and propaganda so that they do not create law-and-order problem causing threat to human life and the social environment. In this regard, convening a crucial meet in the conference hall of his office on Monday evening, the DC stressed launching massive awareness drive in the district to prevent such anti-social elements with a view to maintain peace and integrity. The meet was held with active participation of representatives of various organizations. They emphasized organizing awareness drives in schools and colleges, in the outreach areas by the district administration, police department and village defence parties along with the distribution of leaflets. Attending the meet, Lakhimpur Superintendent of Police Sudhakar Singh called upon people to be aware of rumours on social media which could mislead common people. He prioritized supplying information about such rumours to the police as soon as possible.