Petrol price near 5-year high in Delhi

 New Delhi, April 2: The petrol price in Delhi touched a near-five year high of Rs 73.83 a litre on Monday while the price of diesel also touched a fresh record high in the tiol capital, supported by the recent surge in global crude oil prices.

In Mumbai, Kolkata, Cheni, prices of petrol reached multi-year highs of Rs 81.69 per litre, Rs 76.54 and Rs 76.59 respectively, the Indian Oil website showed.
The previous highs in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Cheni were Rs 74.10 per litre (September 2013), Rs 81.75 (July 2014), Rs 77.88 (May 2012) and Rs 77.53 (May 2012) respectively. In Delhi, diesel was priced at Rs 64.69 a litre on Monday.
In Mumbai, Kolkata and Cheni, diesel prices were Rs 68.89, Rs 67.38 and Rs 68.24 respectively. The surge in diesel prices gains prominence as the fuel is used in transportation of food and agriculture products, and a rise in its prices may lead to food inflation.
Global crude oil prices have been on the rise of late due to the ongoing trade tensions between the US and Chi and a fall in American drilling activity. On Monday, Brent crude oil was priced around $69.75 per barrel. (IANS)