Philippines’ Duterte threatens emergency

Manila, June 6: Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday threatened to declare a “state of national emergency”, as the spiralling crime rate was holding back foreign companies from investing in the country. “I am warning the criminals, everybody, whether in the government or outside (of the government). I will make radical changes in the days to come,” Duterte said at a news conference. He said most companies avoid investing in the Philippines because of rampant crime. They are concerned about the kidnappings and killings. “Well, somehow, even with this meagre emergency power, I will use it to the hilt to put things in order,” Duterte said. “There’s no difference actually between martial law and a declaration of national emergency. So I’ve been warning all. I’m warning all including the human rights, it’s either we behave or we will have a serious problem again,” Xinhua quoted Duterte as saying. In September 2016, Duterte declared an indefinite state of national emergency on account of violence following a deadly blast in his home city of Davao that left 14 dead and dozens injured. (IANS)