Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged to take necessary action for setting up Namrup IV plant

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Namrup, July 17: The Namrup Fertilizer Shramik Union (NFSU) recently sent a memorandum to the Prime Minister, seeking his intervention in setting up of Namrup 4th plant. NFSU, in the memorandum, briefly summarized the woes of BVFCL, including the long-standing demand of Namrup IV and frequent breakdown of Namrup II and Namrup III running with obsolete technology.

Tileswar Borah, NFSU general secretary, stated that former Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Ram Vilas Paswan on June 26, 2004 declared that the BVFCL 4th plant would be set up at the earliest possible time but hitherto no practical progress had been seen in implementation of the Namrup IV. NFSU also expressed concern about negligence on the part of the government towards the implementation of Namrup IV as the revival of fertilizer industries located in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar were on fast track. These were declared five years after the declaration of Namrup IV. Therefore, the dream of setting up of Namrup IV plant is still in a stagnant position, causing a sense of fear among the people of Namrup regarding the future survival of BVFCL on which more than 50,000 people were directly or indirectly dependent for their livelihood. The NFSU urged the Prime Minister to take necessary action for setting up of Namrup IV.