Police arrests man posing as journalist for demanding money in Dibrugarh

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A Correspondent

Dibrugarh: In a shocking incident, a charlatan named Arshad Ali was apprehended by the police while he was trying to make a truck driver cough up an amount of Rs 1 lakh on the national highway on Sunday night.

The accused, who demanded the amount of feigning as a journalist, was accompanied by his accomplices in the nefarious plan.

As per sources, the rice-laden truck was bound for Dibrugarh from Kolkata, when it was stopped by Ali and his gang, demanding the sum from the truck driver named Lalan Singh. The perpetrators also asked the driver to part with two bags of rice in case he failed to give the amount. Although the police arrived at the scene, they could nab only Ali, while his partners-in-crime headed for the hills. Ali is a resident of the Mirzabagh area of the town.