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Policing is all about team work and leadership: Meghalaya DGP R Chandranathan.

R Chandranathan

GUWAHATI: “Policing is all about teamwork and leadership. However, effective policing has become much more challenging because of the social media. We must proactive, rather than reactive to cope with the technology induced law order situation. Under this given situation, training of the forces in all the core areas determines a lot in carrying out effective policing,” said R Chandranathan.

Notably, the then Special Director General of Police (Railways) of Assam R Chandranathan is going to take over as the new Director General of Police (DGP) of Meghalaya on Thursday.

Talking exclusively to ‘The Sentinel’ on Wednesday, Chandranathan, while terming the social media as an electronic revolution emphasized that it has trebled the degree of information and awareness. “It has a powerful impact among all of us. Nevertheless, we should not become a victim of perception. Social media is affecting our emotions immediately. As a result, multiplication of negativity through social media has a collateral impact on the law and order situation.”

The new Meghalaya DGP observed that every police station across the nation have been facing these challenges created by social media. “Circulation of negative events through social media is also turning a global problem and becoming a severe problem to the modern world,” he said.

In response to a question being asked on the role of social media and its impact on sexual violence, Chandranathan opined that there is a thin line between social media and sexual violence. “There are other aspects like poverty, ethnic victims of ethnic violence, unparallel sexual ratio in certain Indian states, and unskilled young women who are lured to offer a lucrative job. More importantly, when you are unskilled, you are more vulnerable to sexual violence.”

He maintained that the leading NGOs, social science research institutes and universities must engage in breakthrough research by covering a large sample size to understand and bring reformed policies to break the interlinked sexual violence. “Poverty is major reason that contributes to the vulnerability of sexual violence,” he further observed.

When asked on the present law and order situation persisting in Garo Hills of Meghalaya, Chandranathan said that there is an internal security problem. “Both the Ministry of Home Affairs and State government of Meghalaya have their respective framework to deal with it. We have to approach them within the standard framework,” he said.

Highlighting on the reformation of the police department, Chandranathan said that modernization is always a major aspect. “Technology is forcing us to bring a lot of reformations particularly in approach and methodology. We must develop proactive plans and implement it.” He added that in those days, when technology was not that much sophisticated, the department had a five year plan for reformation. But as soon as the technology is changing so fast, it has been forced to go for shorter plan.

It must be mentioned here that R Chandranathan, an IPS officer of Assam and Meghalaya cadre of 1986 batch, is a recipient of ‘Kautilya’ award initiated by the Director of Intelligence Bureau for his outstanding field work in Jammu and Kashmir in 1997. He was also awarded the prestigious President’s Police Medal for Meritorious Service in 2002 and President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service in 2012. In his experience of 32 years in service, R Chandranathan has the unique distinction of having served in the Unified Command Structure both in Assam and Jammu and Kashmir. He has extensively been trained in India and abroad and was on deputation to Intelligence Bureau (IB) for tenure of eight years from 1993 to 2001.

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