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Positive and negative facets of mass media in our lives

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  7 Dec 2015 12:00 AM GMT


The medium of communication that affects our day-to-day life, better denoted as electronic or social media, has to a large extent been playing a major role to shape up our everyday behavior ,both positively and negatively.

This bond of pessimistic and optimistic means of contact between the common populace and world at large, through accurate chain of information gives us a fair chance to alyze a situation. Media paves the way for the masses to assist, unshackle and empower themselves from being influenced by various sources.

This medium of communication scores big in maneuvering and constantly swaying our manifestation, viewpoints, needs and outlook. The presence of media, have also changed the advertisement scerio as media now forms our physical setting too by creating a deep impact on the young minds through consumer-related products.

Just as everything has its two sides, likewise media too has its negative or depressing visage as unwarranted use of this medium like social media can lead to attention problems, sleeping and eating disorders and obesity. Its charisma among the people has even limited the use of books and newspapers and outdoor games for children. The influence of TV and internet on the minds of the kids and youths sometimes leads them astray. This is so as they are more prone to programmes and videos based on violence and gender based crimil actions which influence them to resort to violence.

Researchers in their studies have found that too much exposure to violence-based programmes in television and movies are making the kids more aggressive, less trusting, fearful and more accepting of violence. It leads to crimes in society and by traumatizing the young minds, results in violence in the streets and homes. Young minds get filled with negative thoughts of being socially status conscious as they get influenced by branded advertisements. This consciousness in thoughts to fulfil their needs or impress others through the branded items makes them slaves of violence for securing money by dishonest ways.

Surely, to its positive side, television and internet as a medium of connectivity has helped the people to make our choices right as the world has now turned into a universal community. With the emergence of this medium people have taken a rightful approach to life. Awareness, information and bulletins of news can be best mobilized by way of this platform because within minutes news and views reach our doorsteps either by pressing of a button or swiping of the mobile screen.

Television or internet sites even go a long way in educating the people to learn about their basic rights and ways for using them. Diverse educative based programmes like talk shows and discussions on TV and radio, including articles and blogs on the internet make a person understand the thought provoking current topics and tribulations of our society. The basic intellect and skills of the children could also be developed by making them look at auditory and visual series as they are simple to comprehend.

Media act as a linkage between people and the government. The policies of the government are conveyed through this platform of shared information that helps to dissemite them to the common man. This in a way helps the people to understand the working of the government at best.

Mass media has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself in manipulating the lives and minds of the people, especially the new generation. Many thoughts cross our minds if we assess its approach towards building a better environment that ensemble a line of positive and negative influences.

Undoubtedly, if evaluated it cannot be denied that mass media has succeeded in bringing a great change in the way people look towards changes in the societal life irrespective of being veiled by the blanket of cynical influences that facilitates violent behaviors in adolescent and vicious brains.

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