PPA reacts to government statement on Pul’s not

From Our Correspondent

Itagar, Feb 21: An upset People’s Party of Aruchal (PPA) has reacted sharply to the government’s clarification of terming the content of Mere Vichaar as baseless. In a release, the PPA said that the explosive contents in “Mere Vichaar” that indicts top judges of the country, the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minster and the Government Spokesperson of Aruchal Pradesh as corrupt to the core, cannot just be brushed aside as ‘baseless’. Government Spokespersons Bamang Felix and PD So while addressing the press on Saturday had termed allegation of corruption leveled in Mere Vichar as baseless, false and without evidence. “It is but tural that the government spokesperson who is himself from a legal background will talk of ‘evidentiary proofs’ to shield the truth. By deciding to forward Mere Vichaar to the Union Home Ministry for investigation, the Pema Khandu led Government in the state has put the charismatic rendra Modi Government, into a serious ‘Agni-Pariksha’ for the entire tion to wait and watch. Now that, the matter has been referred outside the state, the Mere Vichaar issue is bound to become a tiol issue,” the party stated.

The PPA has drawn the attention of Home Minister Rajth Singh in this regard and appealed to him to see to it that the guilty persons are not made to go scot free. “The press conference conducted by both the Government Spokespersons Bamang Felix and Pasang Dorjee So have revealed thought-provoking points that need systematic investigations. The government is yet to come out clean on why the police failed to register the FIR filed on August 9, 2016, by the three wives of late Pul, that contained special reference on Mere Vichaar, whereas the FIR lodged by PSO Surendra Kumar Rai that had no mention of the 60-page note was registered instead. Further they added, “As per the press statement given by both the government spokespersons, the sealed envelope containing Mere Vichaar was opened and resealed after investigation. As is the norm, while any sealed envelope under police custody when being opened, needs the presence of all those sigtories who had put their sigtures while the envelope was being sealed.” “The government must come out clean with the mes of the magistrates and the police officers who were the origil sigtories when the envelope was sealed and when the envelope was opened for investigation. These are among the many lapses that go to prove that a systematic and thorough investigation will reveal that Mere Vichaar is more than a Pandora’s Box of political conspiracies involving Pema Khandu, Chow Mein and Pasang Dorjee So that abetted the “self killing” of late Pul, popularly revered as the “People’s Chief Minister,” the party said.