‘Press is one of the most important pillars of democracy’

A Correspondent
SILCHAR, April 6: A new district committee of Assam Union of Working Jourlists’ has been formed on  Friday at the hall of District Sports Association, Silchar. The new committee has been formed after dissolving the ad hoc committee. The meeting organized under the aegis of Prakriti News Concern (PNC), a news agency, was graced by Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, Dr S Lakshman. Speaking on an advisory note, the Deputy Commissioner said, “Jourlists are the mirrors of the society and the administration. Press is one of the strongest pillars of democracy. So, jourlists should be unbiased, truthful, sincere, fearless and honest.”
“There is a growing tendency of generalizing news reports. This should not be practised at all. Jourlists view things from their own perspectives which is appreciable. But reporting falsely about incidents is highly unethical and unprincipled. There should not be any nepotism or favouritism in reporting. Press is as equally important as the three other pillars of democracy. All are inter dependent on each other,” the Deputy Commissioner added.