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Pride, Prejudices and Predilection

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  26 May 2017 12:00 AM GMT


Dr. Bipul Chandra Goswami

Now, after seventy years of our self rule, this time around, non fulfillment of public expectations, every one of us has become highly dejected and guilty conscious Therefore, public awareness has attained the maturity to recuperate with pitfalls arising out of political and economic circumstances, change of government at the centre and our state, reached an affordable level plane (levelheaded) to work out a people oriented united vision to deliver the results. The moot point here, undoubtedly is the lead to be taken by the visiory social and political leadership capable of uniting the people and march ahead towards a real socioeconomic transformation of the country. But the economic development of domestic India has to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by uniform distribution of wealth instead of allowing to grow many more crorepatis amongst the bureaucrats and politicians between the elections and billioners amongst businessmen every year. Purchasing power of the middle class, urban and rural poor has to be re-regulated through legislation and proper economic planning and good governce to bring back the confidence of our countrymen.

The spiritual renisance of Ramkrish Paramahangsha, Swami Bibekanda, and Rishi Aurobinda, after centuries of allien rules should have definitely inspired the tion for setting up a strong spiritual base (not religious). A proper social as well as education reform and planning from primary to secondary level is a must to re-generate and re-organise our customary social outlook from the delinquent slavery mentality to a genuine humane touch in the society. This alone can build up a high moral ground in our future citizens to rebuild the society, and restructure our mindset for a resurgent India.

Economic emancipation in association with equitable distribution of wealth can only evolve a new social order. Spiritual development is the only key in controlling both the good and evil senses for an evolved society, which is totally absent amongst the general public and the political community in particular, who in the real sense are willing to serve the society but with the total failure due to inter-party squabble all the time. A new approach of socio-political reforms can re-deem of true swaraj from grass root level through formation of village, sadar, mahkuma, zilla and pradesh level platforms in our electoral system for selection of worthy party candidates for assembly and parliamentary elections. This astute approach would generate sincere, honest, capable and visiory public representatives, who can galvanize the political system and negate the rule of high command that has completely crippled the true democratic spirit in all the political are of our country.

Continuous growth of too many political parties, each craving continuously for high power and greed, in fact has badly rooted in our society, This has immensely lowered the sense of social responsibility in our visionless political leadership to perform for the greater welfare of the society. The leadership in every sphere of our society, therefore, ought to evaluate the gross deterioration of the human values in our society. To make up this loss in our general deterioration accrued over several centuries of allien as well as decades of degraded self rules, determined efforts are urgently required to ammend the same sooner than later. Although our country is gifted with abundant tural resources of all kinds and human resources, tion loving attitude in our people is wanting to contrive a grand design to build up a beautiful country to live in.

Kalam’s strong desire for a developed India by 2020 or sometime later may be in the offing, when every Indian after long sufferance has to act in a noble way with utmost care and confidence. The present political dispensation at the centre and the election held states should work out a model plan to gift the tion on its Platinum Jubilee (75) year on 2022. Hope, all is well that ends well to fulfill the desire of A.P.J, Abdul Kalam.


(The author is a retired Professor and Former Head of the Botany Department, Gauhati University.)

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