Priest slaps Baby amidst Baptism

Priest Slaps Baby During Baptism

In a recent video that went viral on the internet, a priest was seen slapping a baby during baptism. At first, the priest was trying to comfort the baby as the baby was crying. But a few seconds later, the priest lost his patience and slapped the baby in the presence of his father.

The French-speaking priest was annoyed by the baby crying for so long. He attempted to calm him by uttering the words, “Calm Down,” but nothing stopped the little one. Everyone was shocked by the Priest’s action and his father, grabbed his child out of the Priest’s arms.

The video got viral on social media, with people on YouTube expressing outrage at the priest’s behavior. One of them commented, “This is in front of cameras, what would happen behind the scenes when you leave a priest and a child alone?”