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Private tuitions affecting education system

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  21 April 2016 12:00 AM GMT


SILCHAR, April 20: The craze for keeping private tuitions has multiplied many times over the years. It clearly reflects the lacu in our education system. Parents expect better results from their words and they compare their ward’s result with the neighbouring student.

“I am helpless, I get good marks and have improved a lot, yet my parents are not satisfied with me. They compare my marks with my fellow mates,” said Sugata g, a ninth standard student. Such comparisons and remarks adversely affect a student’s psychology which leads him to fare poorly in the exams. It is now more than apparent that taking private tuitions is more a fashion than necessity.

Even brilliant students take private tuitions, as they want to perform consistently. Knowledgeable persons also highlight that students are seldom attentive in their class because they wholly depend upon private tuitions and the notes given. Ashish Choudhury, a bank employee, said, “Having private tutors for each subject is a common sight in every house. I send my daughter to four private tutors. Though their charges are high, I want her to perform well.” He said it is necessary to have private tutors for his daughter who reads in the eighth standard and does not understand lessons that are taught in the class.

Students engage themselves with other activities and do not find time to sit with their textbooks. As a result, they fail to grasp the lesson and go blank in the class. There are many schools in this town and some of them are highly prestigious and have a reputation. Still, the students need to go for private tuitions. College-goers also take private tuitions. “With the increase in demand for private tuitions, tutors have hiked their fees and are earning a lot. They explain a thing or two and supply notes. Notes have become the life-saving drug for students,” added Ashish Choudhury.

In the evening, a large number of students can be seen making a beeline for their respective private tutor’s house. This scerio mirrors the present state of education system. College students have inculcated the habit of bunking classes and collecting notes from their private tutors. Dr. Parmita Das, assistant professor in the department of Mass Communication, Assam University, said, “I also send my kid for private tuitions since I do not find time to teach him. I am a working woman. But I would like to point out that this private tuition culture is destroying the whole education system both at the primary and the secondary level of education which has its implications at the higher stage also.”

Posing a question, she said, “Who is responsible for this?” She added that there are altertive explations. “It may well be the case that teachers are not taking classes or intentiolly imparting half knowledge in classroom to earn a few more bucks or the students are not attending classes, she added to say. Logically stating the possible reason behind the increase in private tuitions, Dr Parmita Das, said, “The onus also lies on the parents who cultivate the habit of sending their wards for private tuitions to earn more marks or to compensate their lack of guidance.”

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