Priyanka Chopra to Become the First Actress to get a Share on her Film’s Profit

Priyanka Chopra

After her immense success in Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra who also established herself in the International circuit is bound homeward. It is known that the actor has given all her time to ‘Bharat’ opposite to Salman Khan and Shonali Bose’s next Film. In the current development, it is heard that Priyanka Chopra is likely to get a share of her profits that set out as the Boss-directed for the movie “The Sky is Pink”. She thus become’s the first female superstar in Bollywood where the only male superstar has seen demanding for a cut of the profit. Being a superstar Producer Priyanka Chopra understand the essence of the business herself. Shonali Bose’s Film banks on Priyanka and Zaira Wasim, who play her daughter in the movie. Priyanka understood that to make her venture feasible, her regular fee will not be able to suffice.