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Protest against price hike

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Boko, June 6: South Kamrup district women committee of Jatiya Sena protested against price hike of petrol, diesel and LPG. More than 30 women activists took part in the protest rally with a handcart, empty LPG cylinder and firewood in front of the Boko circle office. Aditi Kalita, president of the committee, said, “The present State and Central governments have no idea about the problems of general public. Both governments have continuously hiked the prices of LPG, petrol and diesel. Prime Minister Modi should realize the problems of the people. Prime Minister Modi is distributing free LPG connection to every poor family but if the price of LPG cylinder is hiked, poor families will again use firewood for cooking.” The committee also submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister through the Boko Circle Officer Pinki Dutta.