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Protests in Lakhimpur over alleged kidpping and rape

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Lakhimpur, June 23: A tragic incident of alleged kidpping and rape took place at Chauldhua Thekeraguri in which an 18-year old girl was sexually assaulted by two married persons for more than a month, leading to her death. According to the statement given by the victim before her death, she was kidpped by Dipankar Chutia and Krish Bora a month ago following which she was raped for a month. At last she was thrown away by the culprits near a river bank from where the local people recovered her and she was shifted to North Lakhimpur Civil Hospital but she died on Tuesday.

The incident enraged the people of Lakhimpur. People, including hundreds of college students, protested against it on Thursday. They carried out a rally from North Lakhimpur Tyag Khetra to the office of the Deputy Commissioner demanding death sentence for the rapists. They submitted a memorandum to the higher authority through the Deputy Commissioner  of Lakhimpur in which they demanded security for women, death sentence for the two accused and fincial assistance for the victim’s family.

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