Public support sought to transform Kheremiya Village Panchayat

A Correspondent

Dibrugarh, July 13: In order to generate awareness among the public who come under the Kheremiya Village Panchayat about their village being chosen as the MP Model Village, a meeting was held under the aegis of the district administration on Thursday at Kheremiya, Tengakhat. Addressing the gathering, MP Rameshwar Teli informed the people of the various initiatives that the government was planning to undertake for transforming the village panchayat into a model village. At the same time, he assured that effort would be made to utilize all the relevant government schemes for the benefit of the village. He added that the aim was also to provide other amenities, including electricity to every household, 100 per cent upgrade of roads and greater benefits to the self-help groups to the model village panchayat.
The MP, however, said that the support of the public was of crucial importance if the village was to be turned into an ideal model village. In her speech, DC Laya Madduri seconded the views of Teli and opined that the grand plans for Kheremiya Village Panchayat would remain ineffective without the participation of the public. She also asked the public in general to bring the problems of their respective areas to the notice of the administration, for the latter to be able to address their issues.