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Pubs in Bengaluru Shut Down Due to Supreme Court’s Order

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Bengaluru: Once known as the pub capital of India, Bengaluru may lose as many as 393 restaurants and pubs. Notices have been sent, while 326 have already been given closure notices by the city police.

A Supreme Court order from January 2018, has been put into action by the Bengaluru city police. The police is issuing notices to those pubs and restaurants, who are not following the ‘Licensing and Controlling of Places of Public Entertainment Order, 2005’. The law simply says that a ‘license’ is a must and in order for one to play music live or recorded music in places of public entertainment.

The law specifies that in order to get a license, the pub-owner must submit a total of 7 documents; an occupancy certificate (OC); an approved building plan by the city authority; a partnership deed; a lease or title deed; a fire safety compliance certificate; a certificate from the electrical contractor; and a copy of Memorandum of Association if applicable. Pub-owners failing to produce these documents within the given time frame will push the police to act against them.

T Suneel Kumar, Bengaluru city’s Police Commissioner, said that they are only putting the Supreme Court’s order into action. The Bangalore Police is not against live music or pubs, they want the people to become compliant so that no untoward incident occurs.

Business has come to a halt for those, who do not have the necessary documents. Pub owners have also started raising their voices, saying, they are being targeted in an unfair manner and there is confusion over the implementation of the law.

An online appeal has been made to the state home minister to #SaveMusicInBlr. It has gathered over 17,500 signatures and support from DJs and artists across the country. Residents around these establishments have often raised their voices over increasing noise pollution.