PWD Engineer says sorry, wants to serve in Dima Hasao

From a Correspondent

Haflong, Feb 25: Indrajit Bora, Executive Engineer, PWD Maibang Division, who was relieved from his service by the N C Hills Autonomous Council on October 24, 2016  following an unpleasant situation with Niranjan Hojai, Executive Member, N C Hills Autonomous Council, in-charge PWD on October 21, 2016, expressed his willingness to serve under the N C Hills Autonomous Council and appealed to  the NCHAC authority to give him an opportunity to prove his loyalty to the government.

Bora, while addressing a press meet on Saturday, said that the unpleasant incident that happened between EM Hojai and him was unfortute and was publicized in the media in a wrong manner. “My whole statement was not published,” he said. Admitting his guilt, he said that a government servant should abide by the rules and regulations of the government and should not go against the government.

Praising the present government of N C Hills Autonomous Council led by Debolal Gorlosa, Chief Executive Member, and Niranjan Hojai, Executive Member in-charge PWD, he said that he would be happy to serve under N C Hills Autonomous Council since its executive committee was committed to the betterment of the district.